How do I get access to the New MoviePass?
The only way to gain access to the New MoviePass is by joining the waitlist. All who join the waitlist will have priority access to the service. Each person who joins the waitlist will receive 10 friend invites that they will be able to send to friends when they become a member of the service.
When can I join the waitlist?
The doors to join the wait list will open on the moviepass.com website at 9a ET Thursday August 25nd, 2022 for 5 days and will close Monday August 29, 2022.
How many days will the waitlist be open to join?
Access to join the wait list will be live for 5 days beginning Thursday August 25th 2022 and ending Monday August 29th at 11:59pm
Who can join the waitlist?
Anyone can join the waitlist. Availability is on a first come first serve basis. Inventory will be limited.
How much does it cost to join the waitlist?
Joining the waitlist is absolutely free.
When will the new service launch?
The New MoviePass Beta service will be relaunching on or around September 5th Labor Day 2022.
Will the entire country open all at once?
No, markets will be launched in waves. The launch determination will be weighted on level of engagement from the waitlist in each market as well as locations of exhibition partners.
How will I know when my market is opening to sign up?
We will send an email in advance to notify you that your market will be opening so that you and your friends will be able to register.
What will the price of the new service be?
There will be 3 pricing tiers. Prices will vary depending on each market but the general prices will be $10, $20, $30. Each level will get a certain amount of credits to be able to use towards movies each month. More details to come.
What theaters will be featured in the new app?
The new service will feature all major theaters that accept major credit cards in the US.
What happens if I was a PreShow Beta tester?
If you’d like you have the opportunity to join the MoviePass beta and be automatically placed on the waiting list
I was an attendee at the live event at Lincoln Center. What will I be receiving and when?
All attendees at the live Lincoln Center event are on a VIP list and will be given the complimentary Beta tester account as promised. You will receive an email with more details about how and when to activate your account in the near future.